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Disrupt It - a fun, interactive event working with like-minded students and faculty to generate ideas and turn them into a business! This year any idea goes as there is no theme!

the Event
all about?

The event kicks off with opening remarks and introductions. After that, individuals can pitch their ideas, and cross functional teams are then formed in order to develop the idea and validate a business model. Throughout the event there are mentors and workshops to help you with the process. It concludes with teams presenting their final pitch to a panel of judges and competing for the grand prize!



$6000 in CASH prizes!

Disrupt It History

Take a look at past Disrupt It Events to see how it has grown over the years! The event started in 2015 and each year the event changes from themes to workshops and more!

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The Schedule

Friday February 10, 2023  

4:00pm Registration 

4:45pm Welcome/Opening Remarks

5:15pm Ice Breakers

5:30pm Dinner and Networking

6:15pm Brainstorming Session/Activity

6:45pm Ideas Pitched (2 min quick pitch) 

7:15pm Select Top Ideas/Team Formation

7:45pm Begin Work

8:30pm Business Model Canvas (mandatory session for two team members)

9:00pm Social Event-NOIC

10:00pm Doors Close


Saturday February 11, 2023

8:00am Breakfast

8:30am Financial Workshop (mandatory for at least one team member)

10:00am Morning Mentor Session

12:00pm Lunch

12:30pm Pitch Workshop (mandatory session for two team members)

1:30pm Afternoon Mentor Session

4:30pm Dinner

5:00pm SDG Session (mandatory session for one team members)

8:00pm Doors close 


Sunday February 12, 2023

8:00am Breakfast

9:00am Morning Mentors Session & Pitch Practice with Coaches 

10:30am Tech Check (groups must check ppt, videos, sound, etc.)

11:30am Lunch

12:30pm Final Pitches Begin

2:00pm Judges Deliberation & People’s Choice Vote

2:30pm Wrap-Up


Q: Do I need to come with a team?

A: No. You will self-form teams on Friday evening based on what idea you choose to work on.

Q: Is there an age requirement?

A: The event is targeted to those in high school and older. 

Q: Do I need to participate in all workshops?

A: Yes. It is expected that participants are there in all workshops to learn the content

Q: What if I don't have an idea to pitch?

A: That is okay! You can choose which team you want to join based on the other ideas that are pitched. 

Q: Can I come with a team?

A: Yes you can.

Q: I don't know anything about starting a business, does this matter?

A; No, teams are formed around the ideas and within the team there is a wide variety of skill sets needed to build on the idea. On top of that there is mentors and coaches on hand all weekend to help.

Q: Do I need to be already running the business or plan on running it?

A; No, the goal of the event is exposure to entrepreneurship. Although, we are always excited to see these ideas move forward. 


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2400 Nipigon Road

Thunder Bay, ON

P7C 4W1


P: (807) 768-6682

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